Real-time prediction of earthquake ground motion

Dense seismic networks offer new approaches to improve earthquake early warning

 Observations at dense multiple sensors enable development of a new algorithm to predict ground motion directly from observed nearby ground motion, contributing to improved earthquake early warning. Development also includes establishing prediction models for long-period ground motion, evaluating ground motion from deep earthquakes, and upgrading observation systems to ensure reliable warnings.

Research utilizing MOWLAS observations
Real-time interpolation of earthquake ground motion

Spatially non-uniform observation data is interpolated to data on uniform grids, which is basis for a new method of ground motion prediction. Site correction is applicable on each grid.

Shaking area

Shaking area warning

Strong shaking is expected in the areas adjacent to the ones where strong shaking has already been observed. Red and orange indicate the areas that experienced the maximum seismic intensities of 5-lower or greater and 4, respectively. Green indicates the areas warned.